Something else I’m working on.

Inspired by a visit to my sons’ school during Education Week last May, the Start A Story Workshop is aimed at the primary grades (JK to Grade 3).

My audience ranged in age from 4 to 7yo. I read them a demo version of Peanut Butter & Dragon. Then I answered questions about writing and how I planned to publish my book. We discussed the simple approach to framing a story within the guidelines of a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Using this framework idea, I’ve put together what I’m hoping will be a compelling and inspiring 60-75 minute experience that will have a class of children build a story with me as their guide.

We will read and act out the story at the end of the workshop, and there will be optional post-workshop activities the teachers can choose to implement or not. There will also be the opportunity for the children to share any of their written or illustrated work related to the workshop on a special page right here on this site.

Looking forward to doing a test run of it soon!

Discover more here.

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