9f28b5ad-6766-42be-9d09-a1819b234479As a story has many parts that connect to form its whole, so too does the new standing banner for the START-A-STORY Young Writers Workshop.

Upon its completion Malcolm & Cooper exclaimed, “It’s a beauty!”.

Built from PVC pipe (and still needing a colorful paint job) the frame holds the standing banner via strips of velcro. We wanted every part of the experience to underline the puzzle theme of the workshop. Firstly, putting the pieces together in the right way makes for a great story. Secondly, with enough focus and hard work anyone can put together a story!

We have a couple test runs ahead of us to iron out any kinks, but the idea of booking workshops beginning the month of April seems to be on track.

The anxiety I feel about this new adventure is tempered by the excitement of sharing the love of writing with the kids.

I can’t wait to excite their hearts, inspire their minds, and celebrate their creativity!

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