Start A Story Young Writers Workshop created more fiction this week with a grade one/two split class!

The Mysterious Knight is a tale of a young orphan kitchen boy named Jasper who overcomes his fears with the help of a few tiny glowing ghosts and a wizard to save the kingdom. A strange colorful creature has been sneaking out of the forest and eating all the happiness! Only the most powerful happiness spell can rain down enough candy to defeat the creature and reveal its true form. A knight lost in the woods long ago and transformed by his great sadness. Now free he promises a better life for Jasper as he offers to train him as a knight!

This class had some difficulty letting themselves stray from established stories or fairy tales. But with a little nudge here or there, they applied their own ideas and built upon those their friends came up with. Unique to this class was the request to add text to their pictures or simply to begin to write their own verison without having drawn anything.

This led to a discussion about why the Start A Story workshop uses visual art as a breakaway from building the story. The concept is that your brain thinks differently when draw than when you write. It is the act of drawing that can at times pull out smaller details you didn’t consider previously or didn’t know you were thinking about. These can sometimes lead to substantial plot points that greatly affect the direction of the story.

The next chance to excite, inspire, and celebrate can’t come soon enough!

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