Sometimes the universe gives back what you put out.

I have been so inspired by the feedback that my new children’s book Peanut Butter & Dragon has received and the support that comes in the form of purchases, shares, likes, retweets, and attendance at my book signing events!

Nothing really prepared me however for the pure elation I would experience this past week as readers reached out to me with their excitement and stories. Three made me giddy enough to tear up.


On Wednesday morning the image of a friend reading Peanut Butter & Dragon to his son was shared with me. This friend is one of those friends that is more of an acquaintance, because the opportunity to make it a better friendship hasn’t presented itself. That makes it all the more thoughtful and meaningful for them to take the time to send a photo of this precious moment to me.

Wednesday afternoon I picked up my boys from school and my eldest’s teacher said there was “something I have to see” in his backpack. She is the same teacher whose grade one/two split class I had recently performed the Start A Story workshop for. In the backpack I find writing from two students. They were writing their own version of the story we had created together a little over a week ago! One in particular had written a four page story that was full of passion and detail. Read grade 2 author Daniel Kuber’s version of The Mysterious Knight here!

Late Wednesday evening a young reader’s father sent me a video of his son who had just finished reading Peanut Butter & Dragon. This 7 year old British Columbia boy gives his honest review of the book and has just about the coolest sign off I’ve ever seen! The smile, the laughter. This is why I do what I do! Watch his Real Kid Review on my Youtube channel.

Thanks again to all of you for your continued support! Just keep reading and always look to excite, inspire, and celebrate creativity!





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