Chapters Kanata were attentive and excited hosts for my visit June 24th! Another great showing for the dragon with many passionate young readers adding Peanut Butter & Dragon to their collection.

You can now get copies of Peanut Butter & Dragon at Indigo Barrhaven and Chapters Kanata. Chapters South Keys, Chapters Rideau, and Coles Place D’Orleans coming soon. Call ahead to confirm stock.

A special thanks to friends who came out simply to high-five me as they watched me share the excitement of my first published book with Kanata kids!

I met a CHEO employee who purchased a couple copies for the CHEO library. We’re hoping to work out a visit to the hospital in the near future for a reading and perhaps even a Start A Story workshop!

My favourite moment might have been running into an old elementary school friend who picked up a copy for her child. My fondest memory of her was when we performed in a play together in grade two. She was Little Red Riding Hood and I played the Big Bad Wolf! I still have that picture somewhere…



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