Chapters book stores and their teams continue to be incredibly supportive with the launch of Peanut Butter & Dragon! The readers have come out strong as well, with the most recent visit to Chapters South Keys pushing the sales of my debut children’s book passed 100 copies!

I am so pleased that the book, its story, and its unique art style has attracted young readers and their parents! Anything that gets kids reading or writing is where my efforts lie.

Start A Story Young Writers Workshop was also a big hit with parents and educators that I had the chance to speak with. There was interest for birthday party visits, and for getting my program into the Ottawa Public Library.

I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine Seaman, Division Manager, Branch Operations for the Ottawa Public Library. What was great about our chat was that she seemed genuinely enthusiastic about Start A Story Young Writers Workshop, my book, and the way in which I connected with the children that came to meet me at my table. It was only near the end of our conversation that I learned to whom I was speaking. It’s so wonderful to know that we have some passionate people in the upper ranks of our public library system!

Here’s hoping that this chance meeting allows me to get the workshop into OPL branches that much sooner. Then we can focus on Exciting the heart, Inspiring the mind, and Celebrating the creativity of all those young readers and writers!


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