First things first. THANK YOU!

To more people than I can name, you made 2017 an amazing year!

Family, friends, media personalities, teachers, students, readers and writers I met at book stores, you all found a way to support my dream!

I’m a published author! Having sold more than 400 children’s books in six months in Ottawa alone! That’s 2.4 books sold per day!

The adventure began when we launched Peanut Butter & Dragon in June 2017 at Indigo Barrhaven, continued at the October launch party at Rideau Street Chapters for Splash, Fin, Toothy Grin! and culminated in creating a ton of excitement at so many school visits leading up to Christmas! These school visits also produced some of my first fan mail, written and drawn by some awesome and inspired students at Barrhaven Public School!


These first two books were independently written, illustrated and published, but the sales came from all of you supporting my passion and sharing the excitement!

That wasn’t all that 2017 had to offer however.

By the numbers here’s what happened from June to December:

2 book launches, 430 books sold, 4 tv interviews, 30 book donations, 9 book signings, 8 workshop visits, 1 craft fair, 7 school readings for over 600 kids, 60 thank you letters & cards from readers, 2 video reviews from kids.

Start A Story Young Writers Workshop saw lots of interest and had to the chance to visit more schools in 2017! Next up will be a visit to Kidsfest Ottawa 2018 at the EY Centre March 3rd & 4th! Even bigger things are coming for Start A Story and I hope to have more info to share soon about what comes next!

Until then, do what you love and start a story!

Remember to excite, inspire, and celebrate the creativity every day for a better day!


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