Manotick Public School was a blast!
I was honored to launch their Read-A-Thon this past week. If you’d like your own school visit, you can Request an Author Visit at

I went through the four stages of an author visit: Relaxed, Excited, Terrified, and Perform!

8E352ABC-20D5-4ED2-8255-7BC7721233D2I caught the entire school “Bee-ing” kind as they helped me read Splash, Fin, Toothy Grin! and as they exited the gymnasium to return to class I received close to 300 high fives from students and teachers! Half way through my hand went numb!

I had just enough time to regain the feeling in my hand before classes took turns joining me in the library!

556753EB-5CA8-4ECD-9ED2-72BEBA95A66BI was energized & ready and so were the students! They were great listeners as I read Peanut Butter & Dragon! They asked some wonderful questions, and were excited to chat about book recommendations, and of course they were eager to receive their dragon and shark stickers!

Manotick Public School’s Read-A-Thon takes place in February and awards one junior class and one primary class a prize for most reading done during the month.

This year the prize is going to be a visit from Start A Story Young Writers Workshop! I’m so happy I’ll be able to bring the story building adventure to the awesome young readers and writers at Manotick Public School!

Now… STOP, DROP, and READ!


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