Unbeknownst to me, the way this week came together created a scenario where I was in multiple situations I have never been before.

Convention attention, meetings for secret projects, and cross Canada video calls made for a very unique week!

What was so encouraging for me was that not once did I hesitate, not once did I feel like I didn’t belong. That’s a huge milestone for me.

Since the launch of Peanut Butter & Dragon in June of 2017, things have moved very quickly! I have been extremely lucky but have worked tirelessly for that luck! Yet still, I’ve been dealing with a case of Imposter Syndrome. I would often be stuck in awe of peoples reaction to my work and the small successes that I’ve had. The effort that other people chose to put in to raise me and my work up higher. Teachers recognizing the power of Start A Story and enthusiastically embracing it. Media personalities speaking with honest admiration about what I have been doing. Children anxious to engage and share their thoughts with me! Those successes have built upon one another to a point where I’m planning and executing projects I couldn’t have imagined I’d be involved with a year ago!


The first first happened this past weekend as I spent Saturday and Sunday at Kidsfest Ottawa promoting Start A Story Young Writers Workshop at my booth with my good friend Luc. I had created a story building mechanism to encapsulate the ideas behind the workshop and help kids build a story in 30 seconds. This also allowed the parents and I a chance to discuss the workshop and its benefits.

The Kidsfest team and I developed a great relationship during the lead up to the event and I was offered a time slot to do a presentation. I chose to do a storytelling. I popped on my boyband microphone and lapped the convention floor gathering up kids and their parents for storytime like the Pied Piper! Then I rocked out with an energetic storytime with Splash, Fin, Toothy Grin! First convention booth, first public “on stage” storytelling, and I just let it happen to me. It was so much fun because of that.


The next first is something I can’t really talk about yet, but I spent my Wednesday morning this past week feeling at once ready, excited, and in control, but also awash with surreal waves that had me shaking my head and asking myself, “Is this real life?!”

There is a very exciting multimedia project I’ve found myself at the center of and I can’t wait to share it with you all, when I actually have something to share! Serious planning has begun and efforts are afoot to make it the best it can be!

The last first this week was my very first Skype author visit with St Peter’s Academy in Newfoundland!


As our call began I realized that these kids had not only prepared some great questions for me, but they had come on the Skype call with puppets of the dragon, shark, Malcolm, Cooper, and even a puppet of me!

While I read Peanut Butter & Dragon to them, they acted it out with the puppets! How cool is that?!

Needless to say, I seem to be on the right track to exciting hearts, inspiring minds, and celebrating the creative young people I’m so fortunate to continue meeting!

Next step is an agent and a publisher to keep this train speeding forward!


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