Start A Story Young Writers Workshop had a fun time at Manotick Public School with a very active Grade 2 class still riding the chocolate highs of their Easter Weekend!

Joe’s Adventure follows has our hero Joe searching for the Legendary Cheese, which he believes he has found near the top of a very tall tree. Will he be able to reach it? Will strange worms get in his way? Will he find the Lost City of the Guinea Pigs? Watch at the links below to hear the story and find out!

As always there were lots of great ideas, some of which we voted into our story, and some that we did not include. That just means the possibilities are high for more stories about Joe the Guinea Pig with every child empowered to head home and create their own version with the different choices they would have made if they were writing it alone.

If you’d like to hear me storytell Joe’s Adventure follow the link below.

My friend Brenda Dunn @artinjest was inspired upon hearing what she called “artistic gold” as I explained one particular moment in the story the children created. Follow the link below to watch her creation come to life as I narrate a segment of Joe’s Adventure!


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