The Third Ottawa Beaver Scouts were a passionate bunch last Friday night. They were anxious and energized to have their ideas heard and included in our story that they titled Out of This World.

Start A Story Young Writers Workshop paid a visit in the early stages of what by all accounts turned out to be a relatively sleepless sleepover for the Beaver Scouts.

The story they chose to start centered around three friendly aliens who had a sweet tooth when it came to electric energy!


The aliens bit off more than they should have and found themselves in some trouble and on the run. Toronto meanwhile had been left in a complete blackout.

Luckily the keen colony of Beaver Scouts had a plan! They would track down the aliens and find them a new favourite food, one they liked even better than electricity!

Since the electric energy had been eaten though, many things did not work. There were no lights, no televisions, and no GPS. The Beaver Scouts used their skills at compass reading, their emergency kits with flashlights and extra batteries, and even their camera equipped Beaver Scout approved drones to track down the aliens.

They would travel through Ottawa city, take a flight to Hawaii and end up searching a volcano, and send their drones to check out Universal Studios.

Eventually they discovered the aliens tasting the power grid inside a Supermarket. The Beaver Scouts took this opportunity to introduce all sorts of food to the aliens.

Pepperoni pizza was a hit! The aliens promised to never eat electric energy again, as long as they could chow down on some pizza!


The crazy stories that come out of this workshop continue to amaze me!

When you let your imagination run free and build on ideas from your friends it never ceases to excite & inspire when we start a story!

The group gave me the distinct honor of presenting me with a North Star tail for great work in the community. I’m told it’s one of the highest honors for a Beaver Scout to receive.

The Beaver Scouts are celebrating their particular efforts with the purchase of a package (intended originally for birthday parties) that will see their story get printed as a limited edition book!

We’ll be sure to share the final product when it’s ready later this month!


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