A recent visit to the Kindergarten Bear class at Osgoode Public School saw a very sweet class choose a story about a butterfly getting stuck in ice cream!

Their story is entitled Nectar Gets Stuck. 

Nectar loves ice cream more than anything! So he makes sure to visit Osgoode Public School when the kindergarten Bears are having their annual Outdoor Ice Cream Party!

He flutters from one child’s ice cream cone to the next trying all the flavours; strawberry, bubble gum, blueberry, banana, cotton candy, chocolate mint, and he saves his favourite for last rainbow sherbet!

Each time he lands he gets stickier and stickier. Until finally he gets completely stuck in the rainbow sherbet. The girl holding her rainbow sherbet notices the butterfly and starts to run around in circles waving her arms over her head, “Ew! Ew! Ew! A butterfly is in my ice cream!” All the kindergarten Bears start to run in circles waving their arms above their heads, “Ew! Ew! Ew! There’s a butterfly in her ice cream!”

It is all quite loud and frightening to Nectar but it doesn’t help him get unstuck.

The teachers calm the kids down, and while they are trying to figure out what’s happening, the children have decided to try and tickle Nectar out of the ice cream.

He laughs uncontrollably in his gentle whispery giggle. It’s all very hilarious but it doesn’t help him get unstuck.

Finally the teacher joins them around the rainbow sherbet filled cone and shows the children how to gently lift Nectar from the ice cream. Then they bring him to the school’s flower garden and show him what he should be eating. Pollen!

The children go back to their ice cream party but they make sure to save a little ice cream for Nectar’s dessert!

You never know what might excite or inspire a group of children, but it is always so important to celebrate those moments with them! This is why I do what I do!



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