When the Girl Guide leaders reached out to me with short notice, I already had another Start A Story booked for that Monday morning, and it was my first day at a new job. It was going to be a tight fit to get them in, and I wasn’t sure I’d be up for it mentally after an already long day.

I’m so glad I said yes!

Twenty-eight Girl Guides and Brownies combined efforts on their story Eloise the Unicorn?

Eloise is a horse that is convinced she is a unicorn. She feels so comfortable talking with Billy the one-horned bull that she believes they must be related somehow. When Eloise cries there are sparkles in her tears. The one thing that makes her feel most like a unicorn however is her uncanny ability to make people feel better simply by being near them. She fills them with hope or happiness, and even sometimes heals them when they are sick.

Eloise’s sister Autumn is getting married and Eloise is her maid of honor. Wanting to have her own sense of feeling special she sets out on her sister’s wedding day to prove that she is a unicorn.

Eloise is finally brave enough to ask Billy the Bull why he only has one horn. He tells her the truth. He was climbing a ladder, exactly the way that bulls should not, to hang a family portrait. When he fell, one of his horns broke off and his wrinkled skin slid sideways and stuck, leaving his one horn in the center of his forehead.

Eloise was devastated by this news since it erased one piece of evidence that she was a unicorn. She begins to cry.

Billy the Bull notices something and stops her excitedly in the middle of her crying. He sees a hint of sparkle in her tears. So he pulls out his Sparklometer to take a closer look. As it turns out Billy is a Unicornologist! He is amazed to discover that Eloise cries sparkles and he insists that she must be atleast part unicorn!

Eloise leaves the barn skipping and extremely happy that there is a hint of truth to what she has suspected!

She runs into her friend Pierre the Pineapple crying by the duck pond. Everyone is allergic to pineapple so no one will eat him! His life means nothing without being a tasty treat.

Eloise offers to take a bite if it will make him happy since she isn’t actually allergic. Pierre says it is all or nothing! So Eloise eats her friend. Unbeknownst to Eloise or Pierre, pineapple has magical properties when eaten by a unicorn.

In her belly, Eloise feels something gurgle and bubble and the air around her feels funny. Then P-Pow! Eloise was amazed to see her great great great grandma-ma-ma magically apparate in front of her!

Before Eloise could say anything her great great great grandma-ma-ma tells her that they’re going to be late for the wedding! She grabs Eloise and they apparate to the wedding P-Pow! Everyone is very surprised to see them arrive that way! Even Pierre has magically been brought back. He’s so excited to be back he goes to dance with the chickens.

Eloise’s great great great grandma-ma-ma tells Eloise that she is not a unicorn. She only has unicorn blood. That however gives her the most important of unicorn skills – to make people feel wonderful.

Eloise decides to use her powers for the rest of the day to make her sister feel even more wonderful on her special day!

There was SO MUCH MORE that these passionate young authors wanted to include in their story, and some short sequels were even written before I had packed up all my gear at the end!

I really hope to see some of their follow up work appear here some day!




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