Rockcliffe Park Public School kindergarten Dinos shared Arrow Root cookies with me because making a story made us hungry! Anyone catching on to where our title came from?

I was taken aback by the level of detail this group of kindergarteners brought to their awesome story! The teacher and I saw a number of different ways that we would have taken the story and were humourously disappointed in some choices that were made. We would have written it differently! That’s the magic of Start A Story! So many possibilities!

In their story The Hungry Dragon, Jim is a young boy who wakes up on a lazy Saturday morning. He makes his way downstairs to the kitchen to have something to eat. Jim smells a terrible smell! Oops! He forgot to take out the garbage last night. He doesn’t want to get in trouble so he hurries to take out the trash and the recycling.

Jim can’t put the garbage in the garbage can because there’s something really big taking up all the space. A huge pencil crayon that’s almost as tall as he is!

He lifts out the pencil crayon, and goes inside. Jim’s curious to see how this giant pencil crayon draws. He’s still hungry and absent mindedly draws an apple.

He hears a sizzling sound. It’s coming from the paper! The paper flutters and pop! the apple rolls off the page and onto the floor.

Jim is amazed and curious and still hungry. So he takes a bite of this magic apple and it’s delicious! As he eats he begins to draw again, this time his favourite animal… a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Jim hears the sizzling sound again, the paper flutters, and pop! a T-Rex is in his kitchen! All squished between the floor and ceiling, the T-Rec stumbles its way out the back door, taking most of the wall with it too!

The T-Rex begins stomping around the neighbourhood, shaking homes and starting fires setting off fire alarms.

Jim knows he’s made a mess. He doesn’t want to get in trouble but he’s going to need some help! So Jim pulls out his giant pencil crayon and draws 7 more Jim’s. They all grab hoses and put out the fires!

Then they look for the dinosaur and find him with his tail wagging in the air, and his head shoved through a window eating someone’s cookies! He moves from house to house eating all the cookies!

Jim gets to work by drawing a mountain of watermelon lollipops. The paper sizzles, flutters and pop! a mountain of lollipops ends up in the middle of the road! The dinosaur says, “My favourite!”, forgets about the cookies and eats all the lollipops!

Now with all that sugar in him, the dinosaur gets a little too excited and steps on some cars and before he knows it, is rolling up and down the street like he’s on roller skates. The dinosaur is bumping into other cars and making tire tracks on front lawns. The problem is that the dinosaur has never roller skated before and has no idea how to stop!

Jim lines up 21 pieces of paper and calls the 7 other Jim’s to help him draw a giant rope. Working together, they lasso the cars off the dinosaur’s feet and he comes to a skidding stop.

This craziness has to stop thinks Jim! Where can a dinosaur stay that will keep everyone safe and have the dinosaur be happy?

The dinosaur tells Jim that he’d like to live in a cave. Jim uses his magical pencil crayon and draws a cave right next door to his house!

Jim puts a sparkly surprise in there for the dinosaur – a pile of diamonds! The dinosaur is thankful but he still seems sad and tells Jim that he’s lonely. Jim draws a mommy dinosaur, a baby boy dinosaur, and a baby girl dinosaur.

All the dinosaurs are hungry so Jim draws another big pile of watermelon lollipops!

The dinosaurs turn out to be the best neighbours ever!


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