What Indigo intends to do with their community rooms could be a fantastic way to draw like minded people together!

I am honored that they think enough of my Start A Story workshop to invite me as one of their first community experiences!

I’m really lucky to have fallen into this life as a storyteller.

Some of it has been environmental. My parents read to us constantly as children, and they were always encouraging about my writing even when it was not their taste of subject matter.

Some of what has happened has been simple inspiration. Our two sons have meant the world to us and the stories they prompted me for at bedtime have allowed me to realize a life long dream of becoming a published author.

Some of this surreal experience, from creating Start A Story the workshop to developing and producing a children’s television show pilot based on the workshop, has come about because those that I surrounded myself with were supportive enough to vocalize the possibilities they saw within me.

Not everyone will have all of that.

So I want to make sure I can reach as many children as possible to get them excited and inspired to create, and brave enough to celebrate their creativity!

Saturday July 21, 2018 at Indigo Pinecrest your young writer can join in on a special version of Start A Story that will produce a limited edition storybook!

There is limited space available in the Start A Story event. Be sure to reach out to Indigo Pinecrest at 613-596-3003 to register and Start A Story with a group of fellow young writers! You never know where it might lead!




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