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We invite you to sample the stories unleashed by all of the young writers from JK to Grade 5 that have participated in Start A Story Young Writers Workshop.
We excited their hearts and we inspired their minds.

At the links below you can help us celebrate their creativity by reading, watching, enjoying and sharing the stories that these children built during their workshops!

JUNGLE FRIENDS ~ A baby Koala and a baby Panda become best friends by learning to take turns playing each others favourite game. Click the image to read more.
VINES ~ An avid reader checks out a book from the library but doesn’t listen to the librarian’s advice and unleashes sentient vines from within the pages. Click the image to read more.
THE MYSTERIOUS KNIGHT ~ A boy is tasked with saving the kingdom from a mysterious creature that eats happiness. Click the image to read more.
TICKLE SURPRISE ~ Captain Cake and her pirate crew must overcome a tickling jellyfish to find the greatest treasure ever and celebrate with a dance party! Click the image to read more.
CAPTAIN CAKE’S BIG ADVENTURE ~ A joke telling hammerhead shark puts a treasure hunt on hold but nothing will stop Captain Cake and her crew from finding it and playing tag! Click the image to read more.
THE BLACK HOLE ~ A big red button gets pushed that shouldn’t and all the dead come back to life. There’s only one way to save Earth. A black hole! Click the image to read more.
THE SPOOKY HOUSE ~ A little monster seeks a safe place for a special time in its life. A hero’s mansion is its first choice, but the hero isn’t sure if he can trust the monster. Click the image to read more.
JOE’S ADVENTURE ~ A guinea pig named Joe is in search of the Legendary Cheese! He believes it will help him get the power he needs to find the Lost City of the Guinea Pigs! Click the image to read more.
OUT OF THIS WORLD ~ Three friendly electric eating aliens find themselves on the run after they accidentally make half the world go dark! The Beaver Scouts have a tasty plan though! Click the image to read more.
Fluffy & The No Good Lions ~ Fluffy knows he’s more than a horse. A trip to Africa with his racing family forces some magic to happen when his family is threatened by acrobatically trained lions. Click the image to read more.
SILLY SAVES THE FARM ~ A race car driving chicken and his owner Henry have to come to the rescue when the farm animals are threatened by a barn fire started accidentally when the sneaky neighbourhood fox knocks over a unicorn’s BBQ. Click the image to read more.
WEIRDO & HAROLD’S BIG DAY ~ Weirdo worm has had enough of the giant trampling his family’s tunnels every Monday. He calls on 99 of his closest friends to help him make a tower, fly a hot air balloon, and strap on jet packs all for a chance to politely ask the giant to stop. Click the image to read more.
NECTAR GETS STUCK ~ An ice cream loving butterfly gets stuck and a helpful group of kindergarteners tries to get him out and teach him what he should eat. Click the image to read more.
ELOISE THE UNICORN? ~ Eloise makes people feel better, sometimes healing them and she cries sparkle tears. She must be a unicorn, right? A one-horned bull, a sad french pineapple, and a ghostly great-great-great grandma-ma-ma reveal the truth at her sister’s wedding! Click the image to read more.
THE HUNGRY DINOSAUR ~ Jim discovers a magical pencil in his garbage can. He gets drawing and quickly finds himself chasing after a hungry dinosaur! Jim will have to think fast and draw fast to save the neighbourhood from this cookie eating, roller skating disaster of a dinosaur! Click the image to read more.