The story this class created together was entitled Jungle Friends. It was about a baby panda and a baby koala that became friends by learning to take turns playing each others favourite games. A sweet story by some really great kids.

The class was a junior / senior kindergarten split class. It was amazing to see how the majority of the children stayed focussed through the entire experience.

The quick art breakaways to visualize the beginning, end, and middle portions of our story helped keep the children in motion and motivated. There were some great artists amidst the group.

Some children had wanted to write about race cars or the pyramids. Their ideas weren’t chosen by the group, but were incorporated into the final theatrical telling of the story. Panda and Koala had a rolling race that took them past, amongst other things, some pyramids.

In the end we had so much fun that an impromptu dance party broke out!

The video below was a post workshop project that the class worked on in the weeks following the Start A Story visit to their classroom.

Almost a month later and the children were still engaged in the story. Drawing new pictures and sharing in the telling of a simplified version of Jungle Friends.