The grade 3 class used our new story starter technique to a great end. They decided to create a mysteriously evil story that they named Vines.

This story went down an admittedly darker path than our last workshop.

A young girl named Zoe unknowingly unleashes sentient evil vines from a mysterious library book. The vines possess her by pricking her with their poison venom.
Under their control she begins to spread the vines all over the city causing panic and ruin wherever she walks. Powerless to stop her, the authorities can only watch in horror as she grows several stories tall and uses magical spells to open a portal to another dimension and time.
Zoe and her vines successfully enter the portal to continue their reign of terror.

Some incredible enthusiasm and great ideas from the entire class. Almost every student had at least one of their ideas make it into the story, building on each others ideas. True team work!