New Book, New Inspiration

The promise was that we’d work together as a group and write a children’s story. When we were done I would storytell their tale to prove to them that they had written a great story! Then I would flesh out the text and produce a limited edition book for these young authors. Promise fulfilled! Start … Continue reading New Book, New Inspiration


Starting Stories, Building Community

What Indigo intends to do with their community rooms could be a fantastic way to draw like minded people together! I am honored that they think enough of my Start A Story workshop to invite me as one of their first community experiences! I’m really lucky to have fallen into this life as a storyteller. Some … Continue reading Starting Stories, Building Community

One Year Ago Today.

One year ago today Indigo Barrhaven hosted me for the book launch of Peanut Butter & Dragon! What a year it has been exciting hearts, inspiring minds, and celebrating the creativity of those around me both young and young at heart! The support of Chapters/Indigo has been paramount to my success with no less than … Continue reading One Year Ago Today.

The Hungry Dinosaur

Rockcliffe Park Public School kindergarten Dinos shared Arrow Root cookies with me because making a story made us hungry! Anyone catching on to where our title came from? I was taken aback by the level of detail this group of kindergarteners brought to their awesome story! The teacher and I saw a number of different ways … Continue reading The Hungry Dinosaur

Nectar Gets Stuck

A recent visit to the Kindergarten Bear class at Osgoode Public School saw a very sweet class choose a story about a butterfly getting stuck in ice cream! Their story is entitled Nectar Gets Stuck.  Nectar loves ice cream more than anything! So he makes sure to visit Osgoode Public School when the kindergarten Bears … Continue reading Nectar Gets Stuck

Build a Story. Be In a Book!

Have your child Start A Story on their birthday! They become the hero. Along with their friends at the birthday party, they write the story guided by author Timm Holmes! As a group we’ll offer suggestions, build on each others ideas, and make choices by voting for our favourites. Author Timm Holmes will complete the … Continue reading Build a Story. Be In a Book!

Weirdo & Harold’s Big Day

This next Start A Story tale is the creation of Osgoode Public School’s Kindergarten Moose class! Weirdo & Harold’s Big Day sees a frustrated young worm fed up with a one-eyed, purple-haired giant named Harold who tramples the worm tunnels every Monday. Along with 99 of his young friends Weirdo plans to speak to the … Continue reading Weirdo & Harold’s Big Day

Silly Saves The Farm

Osgoode Public School’s Kindergarten Fox class  were very well spoken, passionate story creators! In their story Silly Saves The Farm, a boy named Henry has a pet chicken named Silly. Silly the chicken secretly drives his race car at night in the barn and all the farm animals enjoy watching. One night the horses invite … Continue reading Silly Saves The Farm