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“Timm guided the students through a wonderful mixture of modelled writing and hands on activities … children were exclaiming, We are writers!”
~ Ms Weiler, Principal

Timm Holmes, author of The Mostly Made Up Adventures of Malcolm & Cooper, brings the passion and excitement of piecing together a story to primary aged children.

This 75 minute workshop presents the core elements of story creation to children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3. Working as a group they will be fully involved in bringing to life a story of their own design.

“Timm made the whole experience inviting for the children and they were all engaged. They all felt like they had contributed to the story, it was a ton of fun!”
~ Alicia Watson, RECE

Verbally guided through the decision making process, utilizing both written and visual elements, the workshop culminates in a theatrical reading of the children’s story.


Optional post-workshop activities can be shared and celebrated allowing the excitement of story creation to continue.

“They were inspired to keep writing long after the workshop was over … for many weeks. It was a pleasure to watch … future authors share in Timm’s passion and excitement for story writing,”
~ Vickie Taylor, Kindergarten Teacher

JUNGLE FRIENDS: March 23, 2017
VINES: May 15, 2017

Every story starts somewhere…

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